Rehabilitation Services for Adults

Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS)

Mid-Erie's Center for Self-Development is a recovery model that provides treatment, support, and rehabilitation for individuals with a mental illness. PROS helps persons with psychiatric disabilities manage the symptoms of their illness while pursuing a recovery plan that enhances their level of functioning in the areas of living, learning, working, and socializing.

The Center for Self-Development PROS focuses on the following components:

PROS Program Services

Assessment Engagement
Crisis Intervention
Clinical Therapy
Symptom Monitoring
Health Assessment
Wellness Self-Management
Basic Living Skills Training
Community Living Exploration
Individual Recovery Planning
Intensive Rehab Goal Acquisition
Intensive Relapse Prevention
Medication Management
Dual Disorders Treatment
Benefits Management
Self-Help Information
Family Psychoeducation
Structured Skill Development

Who would benefit from PROS?

PROS is a new recovery model that includes treatment, support, and rehabilitation for individuals who are interested in working on their recovery from behavioral health problems. These problems may include mental illness, alcohol and other substance abuse, personal and family relationships, or achieving educational and employment goals.

Using an Individualized Recovery Plan (IRP), the individual will work with the team to improve satisfaction with their life roles in the living, learning, working and social environments. Individual, group, and family treatment is offered along with psychiatric cosultation and medication. An emphasis is placed on achieving employment and educational goals.

Center for Self-Development - PROS

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