• The mission of Endeavor Health Services is to collaborate with consumers, families and communities to promote wellness and recovery through an array of mental health and chemical dependency treatment education and support services.

Core Values

  • Respect and Sensitivity
    Treat all consumers, family members, staff, colleagues, and funders with dignity, sensitivity, and respect for their cultural and individual differences.
  • Professional
    Provide service in a professional, confidential, and competent manner.
  • Responsive
    Design program services based on the needs of the individual within the context of their family and the community.


  • Committed
    Demonstrate a commitment to individual rehabilitation and recovery with emphasis on one's social, living, learning, and working environment.
  • Person-Centered
    Work with customers and their families to achieve their goals of recovery; fostering self-determination, choice, and the maximizing of one's potential.
  • Early, Brief Intervention
    Intervene as early and as briefly as possible.
  • Quality
    Utilize Quality Improvement principles to pursue excellence throughout the organization.